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The vision of PCPC is that Pima County will be a community in which parenting is valued and supported and where children are parented by loving, capable people.


The mission of PCPC is to enhance the awareness, acceptance, and effectivness of parenting services in Pima County.

The Pima County Parenting Coalition (PCPC) is a network of community partners and non-profit organizations working in the field of parent education and support services. The oldest coalition of its kind in Pima County, PCPC was formed in 1991 to respond to the needs of parents seeking information and as an effort to provide more coordinated and effective parent services throughout the community.

At that time it had been noted that historically, the same system that referred parents to services was not a well coordinated one and that many of the service providers were also unaware as to what services were available outside of their own agency. This distressing state of affairs motivated three agencies to come together to discuss forming a coalition to address the needs of parents in Pima County. By 1992 the coalition grew to a membership of 7 local agencies working to define the coalition and its task that lay before them. Last year, we had 10 member agencies and we hope to continue growing every year.

The Pima County Parenting Coalition is a strong coalition. While many of the participating members represent some of the oldest and most viable agencies in Pima County, newer agencies and community partners are currently being recruited and joining, bringing enthusiasm, fresh ideas and an opportunity for strengthened networking relationships to occur within the coalition.


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