September 2, 2017

In-Home Family Support

If you would like us to help you find the best program for your needs, please fill out our referral form and we will match you with a program that best fits your needs.

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Below is a list of partners that provide in-home family support as well as details on what’s provided:


Healthy Families Arizona: Everyone who is having a baby can feel overwhelmed. It’s important to know that it’s ok to ask for help, especially if you’re experiencing a number of challenges. Healthy Families Arizona is a free program that helps mothers and fathers become the best parents they can be. (For infants 3 months and under)

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Benefits of Healthy Families Arizona:

  • We provide child development, nutrition and safety education.
  • We teach and support positive parent-child interaction.
  • We provide developmental screenings to infants and referrals to resources if developmental delays are identified.
  • We provide emotional support and encouragement to parents.

Eligibility Requirements of Healthy Families Arizona:

  • Pregnant women and parents of newborns who face challenges that might be an obstacle to successful parenting.
  • The infant must be under three months of age at enrollment.
  • Mothers or fathers must show that the services are needed.
  • The family must reside within the program’s target service area.

How To Sign Up

Child & Family Resources
Lupe Ricardez, Supervisor
2800 E Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: (520) 321-3754
Fax: (520) 325-8780

Children don’t come with an instructional guide. So it’s only normal that new mothers face challenges and doubt. In times like these, someone is here to help you. Nurse-Family Partnership is a community healthcare program that will connect you with a nurse home visitor.  (For prenatal first-time mothers)

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Benefits of Nurse-Family Partnership:

  • We provide you with a variety of free educational resources.
  • We build on the parenting skills you already have to help you become self-reliant.

Eligibility Requirements for the Nurse-Family Partnership:

  • Prenatal first-time mothers less than 28 weeks pregnant.
  • Not enrolled in any other home visiting program.
  • Income-based requirements based on household size.

How To Sign Up

Nurse-Family Partnership, Casa de los Niños
Renee Guth, MA, RN, CTS, Supervisor
1101 N 4th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (520) 881-0001

Nurse-Family Partnership, Pima County Health Department
Nancy Tepper, R.N., M.P.A
3950 S. Country Club Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone: (520) 298-3888

Nurse-Family Partnership, Easter Seals Blake Foundation
3170 E Ft Lowell Rd
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: (520) 207-7310 x227

Your children have so much potential. As a parent, you have a unique opportunity to be their first teacher. That’s because most brain development occurs in the first few years of life, and you can make a difference. Parents As Teachers will show you how.  (For children younger than 5 years)

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Benefits of Parents As Teachers:  

  • Children who feel safe, healthy, and cared for can thrive.
  • We’ll catch possible developmental challenges early on.
  • We’ll connect you with a variety of community resources.
  • Fun activities will deepen your relationship with your child.

Eligibility Requirements of Parents As Teachers:

  • All parents-to-be and parents with children younger than 5 years old.

How To Sign Up

Amphitheater Parents as Teachers/Amphitheater Public School District
Dina Gutierrez
435 E Glenn St
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (520) 696-4095

Parents as Teachers/ Casa de los Ninos
Irma Marquez
1101 N. 4th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: (520) 624-5600

Parents as Teachers/ Easter Seals Blake Foundation
Phone: (520) 207-7310 x 201

MUSD Parents As Teachers Program/Marana Unified School District
Christina Noriega
7651 N Old Father Dr
Tucson, AZ 85741
Phone: (520) 579-4920

Sunnyside Parents As Teachers/Sunnyside School District
Joan Katz
5702 South Campbell
Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone: (520) 545-3650

Brain development occurs during infancy more than at any other time of a child’s life. The interactions that you have with your their infant/child have a profound impact on their development. Let our Family Support Specialist partner with you to support your child’s development.  (Up to twelve years old)

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Benefits of SafeCare:

  • Free to participate.
  • Establish a partnership with your family that supports positive parent-child interactions.
  • Developmental screenings for your child.
  • Connect you with community supports that meet your family’s needs.
  • Provide Health and Safety education.

Eligibility Requirements of SafeCare:

  • Families must have a child up to twelve years old;
  • Participation is voluntary.

How To Sign Up

Parent Aid
Nicole Perez
2580 E 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: 520-798-3304